Professional Wedding Photographer in Cancun

Some advice on Wedding Photography

Cherishing memories

Every wedding is one of a kind. Different stories and different people at different places require different approach. That means being at the right time and at the right angle so as to capture the perfect moment. It also includes technicalities like tweaking your camera settings as well as avoiding other cameras that could ruin the elegance of the photo. With Sascha Gluck photography, you’ll be certain that every photograph will be the one you’d want to put in a frame.

Adequate lighting techniques

You can’t make a good photo without proper lightening. A master wedding photographer needs to bring the moment into light and grab it in such a way that it looks natural and un-posed. Proper lighting creates the right mood and highlights the subjects so that everything falls into place.

Anticipating the moment

In professional photography taking the photos is the easy part. An experienced photographer has to know when and how to look for the right moment to take it and make it timeless. Anticipation is the key in this process, and when you combine that with other elements of professional photography it results in nothing but perfectly captured moment that you and your loved one will have for years to come.

The devil is in the details

When talking about professional wedding photography, this old adage seems to be truer than ever. I have been asked more than once: “Why would we want pictures of the shoes?” For starters, it’s not about the shoe itself. It’s about what that shoe represents, and how it can trigger an avalanche of memories later on. Secondly, a shoe or any other object that is tied to your wedding is a symbol of that day captured forever in one simple photo.