Trash The Dress Photography Riviera Maya

“Trash the dress”

is a form of unorthodox wedding photography that is gaining momentum by the day. Also known as the ‘fearless bridal’ or ‘rock the frock’, it’s a trend in wedding photography that tends to blend the elegant clothing with the fearless nature or ultra-urban environment, depending on the wishes and preferences of the clients. It’s basically a part of your wedding where you let your creativity flow and enjoy your dress one last time in a new, wild way with the result of creating dramatic and memorable moments. These photo sessions result in otherworldly photos that just leave everyone in awe.

Beach Dress The Dress

If you really want to get creative, you can take your wedding dress to run through the water by the beach or even dive into the water or play with the sand. Beach and water wedding photography is becoming more and more popular because it produces unique and surreal photos unlike nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Underwater Trash the Dress Session

(aka the Cenote Sessions)

If you’ve recently been married and happen to be somewhere around Riviera Maya, shooting a Cenote Trash the Dress underwater photo session is simply a must! Cenotes are perfect for underwater wedding photography because of their exquisite natural beauty. Cenotes are naturally-occurring freshwater pools in the wilderness located on the Yucatan peninsula. Just imagine the beauty of the nature and the play of sunlight and artificial light passing through the crystal clear cave water with you and your significant other in the spotlight. Simply put, these photo shoots produce astonishing wedding photographs that leave no one indifferent.